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How Domain Name Reseller Program Work?

  1. Sign up a free Domain Retail Account. This is totally FREE. Please note that the free account is showing the domain retail prices which are higher than the domain wholesale prices.
  2. Login the Domain Retail Account and play around to get familiar with the Domain Control Panel and working interface.
  3. If you feel comfortable with the Domain Control Panel, you may consider to become our Domain Reseller.
  4. To upgrade to Domain Reseller Account, please deposit fund to your free account. The minimum fund is only $15.00, probably the lowest amount for domain reseller account on the market.

    We currently only accept PayPal payment.

    Note: 5.5% transaction fee will be deducted from the deposit.
  5. Please open a ticket to inform us your payment details. We will upgrade your account to Domain Reseller within three working days upon receipt your payment confirmation.
  6. You can then start registering domains at the cheapest wholesale price.
  7. Remember that the funds you deposit into your account is used to register, transfer or renew domains.

End User Domain Control Panel

Your customers can manage domains on their own by logging in the End Users Domain Control Panel.

Domain Reseller Control Panel

More info about End User Domain Control Panel.