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OnlineNIC Cheap Domain Reseller Account

OnlineNIC is another choice of getting a cheap Domain Reseller Account although the initial deposit is a much higher than KeepGrow. OnlineNIC offer quite competitive domain prices and is one of the earliest domain registrars accredited by ICANN.

OnlineNIC offers four different memberships, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with four different set of domain prices. We highly suggest to deposit enough initial funds (Prepayment) to get a higher membership with better domain prices.

The following table shows the memberships with different prepayment fee and domain prices of some top level domain names.

  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Prepayment $859.00 $444.50 $234.75 $98.90
.com $8.59 $8.89 $9.39 $9.89
.net $8.59 $8.89 $9.39 $9.89
.org $8.59 $8.89 $9.39 $9.89

Actually OnlineNIC will count all the funds you have added into your Domain Reseller Account. Therefore you can upgrade to higher membership by adding enough funds later. This feature seems quite interesting.

Your membership will be based on the total amount of fund in your account, including both used and unused funds. You may upgrade your account anytime by adding enough funds into your account so as to enjoy better prices.

We don't have any relationship with OnlineNIC so please contact them directly.